Future Quest 2017

C e l e b r a t i n g 2 0 y e a r s


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DAY 1 - Early Session - Nick Hall

DAY 1 - Night Session - Nick Hall

DAY 2 - Early Session - Neil Hoffman

DAY 2 - Night Session - Miles McPherson

DAY 3 - Early Session - Mike Van Meter

DAY 3 - Night Session - Mark Hoffman

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What is
Future Quest ?

Purpose & Vision

Future Quest exists to encounter the reality, power and glory of God through passionate worship and His truth, and to train up young people to be bold disciples of Jesus. The focus of Future Quest Youth Conference has always been on God, His Truth, His presence and our response. We believe that God wants to use these 3 days to impact your life. We are confident that if you open your heart to God, HE will meet with you.



What to

Guest Speakers
& Artists

Miles McPherson

Guest Speaker

Neil Hoffman

Main Speaker

Mike Van Meter



Musical Guest

Nick Hall

Guest Speaker

Mark Hoffman

Main Speaker

Capital Kings

Musical Guest



Seriously, a million
things to do!



Capital Kings

Concerts & Shows


Every Girl Any Girl

Pinterest inspired lounge


Get sweaty & crazy


Dodge Dip Duck Dive Dodge

Scooter Park

@ Youth Venture


Coffee House

Always Open

BMX Course

@ Youth Venture

DJ Lounge

DJ XYbeatz & local bands


El Cajon





... and tons more!


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for 2017

50 Minute Workshops
Offered Daily

  • God and Science
  • Godly Goal Setting
  • Outreach Training
  • Body Image & Modesty (Girls only)
  • Dealing with Divorce
  • Living Clean in a Dirty World
  • Prayer
  • And YOUTH LEADER sessions!
  • Helping Friends in Crisis
  • Dating and Purity
  • Dealing w/ Gender &Homosexuality
  • Discerning Media Influence
  • Leading Friends to Christ
  • Worship Leading
  • Missions
  • Developing a Devotional Life

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Be a part of
FQ 2017




Beach Reach

During a workshop, learn how to simply listen to people and share God’s love, then head out to Mission Beach to practice listening and loving.

Urban Ministries

Future Quest partners with a ministry in San Diego that ministers to the working poor and homeless in many capacities. Join a training workshop and then prepare an evangelistic outreach for the downtown community.

Neighborhood Impact

Learn how exciting and fun presenting the gospel can be by bringing it to the community. Take Sunday school to a whole new level. Modeled after Pastor Bill Wilson’s Metro Ministries in Brooklyn, NY, this outreach demonstrates how you can bring the same vision to your own neighborhood.


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